Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Wish

That I had been more daring in my twenties.
That I stayed in London.
That I attended Candace's wedding and the Graduate Show 2008.
That I shipped my chair home.
That I had been more fun as a big sister.
That I remained a voracious reader.
That I pursued writing.
That I had space and opportunity to pursue research.
That I could talk with Martin more.
That the perfect job would fall into my lap.
That visa laws were more flexible.
That nations of the world considered all of us global citizens.
That I had worn more sunscreen.
That I liked wearing my glasses.
That I could motivate to walk more often.
That I liked to work out.
That it was easy to write a cover letter or self appraisal.
That I had local friends.
That I was more creative.
That I could stop trying.

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