Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Letter to Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy

Dear Mr. Malloy;

I recently saw this petition pop up online and I think it is rather glib and abstract.  It certainly contains a lot of fancy rhetoric but what are the policy platforms?  What is your specific initiative?  Don't you think you should have perhaps included the background or relevant links on the issue?

Also, regarding the state of schools; that issue is connected to wage rates, the growing poverty in the state, under-employment, and hunger.  What are your plans to put adults back to full time work at full time pay, thereby enabling parents to properly house and feed their children so that they may perform at their best in school?  While substandard education may be a problem in CT, the problems behind the achievement levels and graduation rates go far beyond the structural context for formal educational systems.  It has been shown that personal financial instability and hunger negatively impact learning and achievement in school children.  I'll even start you out with a basic citation for that here.  

And beyond the scope of the state's schools, what are you doing for wages and personal economic wellness generally?  Clearly, there's not much if the legislature is any measure -- at least judging by this article in the Courant.

I don't like your politics and I wish there had been a better, more progressive candidate on the ballot last time around.  Perhaps you can win me over just a little with some answers.

(Writer's note: As of August 7, 2012 there still has been no reply from the Governor's office.)

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