Sunday, March 18, 2012

Soul Music

It comes to mind that there are those who can't grasp why atheists like songs that use words like "soul" or "miracle". It's easy -- atheists understand the concepts and the multiple meanings or interpretations of such things.  For example, there is no such thing as a soul in the sense of a supernatural, eternal being -- you simply don't have one of those.  But anyone can relate to soul as a fullness of one's passions or depth of emotions or totality of mental experience.  Something is soulful because the experience of engagement is a fulfilling moment.  

Same with miracle.  While there is no magic being performed, there are things that yet lack explanation and others that are simply so unexpected they seem almost impossible.  When they do happen, the occasions are amazing, grossly fortunate, astounding... close to magical.  So the atheist can appreciate the notion of this according to a secondary or casual interpretation of the concept rather than the literal or primary term.

And sometimes good music is just good music and it's easy enough to overlook these ideas and just enjoy a song.  

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